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for good

We’re on a mission! Let’s use technology to create a more inclusive, colourful and connected world, for everyone.

Why? It’s simple. Look at your smartphone. Look at the number of apps. Look at the number of brands. It’s a mess. And none of it is your fault.

We all live in a fragmented digital landscape that restricts our access to the joy of connection, entertainment, wealth, health and more.

And that’s wrong. The way things are, isn’t the way things could be.

It’s time to disrupt for good. It’s time for something better. It’s time for something Beyond.

Hey communications, eFinance, eEducation, eHealth and entertainment gamechangers, we hear you. We agree, it is time for something truly different.

Different digital

Here’s our idea.

Let’s create a new digital experience. One that’s truly people-centric. One that’s designed for the future of content and information consumption, not stuck in the past. One that has the capability to inform, educate, inspire and connect. One that’s available at a fair and honest price.

That’s different. That’s Beyond.

Where's the fire?

A change is needed. Today, the digital experience is missing one vital piece. Despite what others may say, it is not people-centric. You, the user, has been forgotten.

Our aim is clear. We dare to change everything. We’re radically rethinking the concept of personalisation. Users have to be front and centre. That’s why we’ve built platforms that are conceived and built from the ground up for users first, foremost and only.

Where’s the fire? It’s in us.
Digital Inclusion

Through digital inclusion we'll break down the barriers to, and the artificial lines between life's essential services.

With access to communications, banking, entertainment, health care, education and more to come in one digital place, we create hyper-inclusive and super-personalised digital experiences.

Out with
the old

We're blurring the old, industry lines. We're kicking conventional wisdom. We're aiming for something that's not only truly new, but that's fundamentally different.

It's time to be truly and actually people-centric.

Inspired by making the world a more even place, we'll help the advancing world advance faster.

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